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Let me start by introducing myself, I am Dr. Ralph R. Reynolds, DMD, MD. I am a Board Certified Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon (OMS) with offices in Loveland and Greeley. You can follow this link to my website for more detailed information about my practice Reynolds Oral & Facial Surgery. I have removed wisdom teeth from thousands of patience as well as two of my five children.

But, why do we have wisdom teeth?

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A Personal Note From

Dr. Ralph R. Reynolds, DMD, MD


Our pets are living longer and better than ever before. Old age is not a disease, but along with aging come changes to the body that are important for us to acknowledge and recognize. Body parts eventually suffer wear and tear that can lead to pain and to decreased mobility. Decreased mobility can interfere with a pet’s activities of daily living, and this can undermine a pet’s happiness and interactions with the family.

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Do-it-yourself Easy Adaptations for Your Elderly Pets

By Robin Downing, DVM, CVPP, CCRP, DAAPM


Let me start by introducing myself, I am Dr. Ralph R. Reynolds, DMD, MD. I am an Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon (OMS) here in Loveland. My office is currently located at 2992 Ginnala Dr. As a father of three girls, I know the time will be coming when I need to remove their wisdom teeth. But, why do we have wisdom teeth?  Click to read more...

Is a Jumbo Mortgage Loan

Right for You?

By David Bolitho, Mortgage Manager

Guaranty Bank and Trust


Imagine a place where you could go for a fresh, healthy meal six days a week. What if that same place would not judge or force you to leave if you couldn’t pay for that meal? Now imagine that this wondrous place is not your grandmother’s house, but an unassuming café at 225 Maple Street in Fort Collins. It exists in our town, it’s operating and it’s called the FoCo Café. Almost three years of planning, fundraising and dreaming has finally become a reality. They want to serve you, and in turn, help serve our community.


FoCo may be an affectionate shorthand notation for Fort Collins, but in this instance, it also stands for Feeding Our Community Ourselves, and that is exactly what this restaurant does.


The initial stages of the community café arose from discussions with friends about the wonderful work being done by local nonprofits. Feeling the need for a non-profit café, co-founders, Jeff and Kathleen Baumgardner, wanted to combine local efforts into a restaurant-style setting that offered amazingly healthy food and had a commitment to service—and, at it’s core, built community for everyone.


And so it started. Extensive research began to determine the need in Fort Collins. Everyone in town was talking about this wild idea. Months later, the Baumgardners were receiving donations of kitchen equipment, chairs, and dishes, and emails from droves of people wanting to get involved and volunteer in any way they were needed. All of this helped push the vision forward and into something tangible, with a successful opening on Thanksgiving Day in 2014


As the first non-profit restaurant in Fort Collins, patrons set the price for cafe cuisine in this pay-what-you-can setting. There is no cash register, just a donation box on the counter. Cash, checks and credit cards are all accepted.

Feeding Our Community Ourselves

By Malini Bartels

Visit the Columbine Gallery

Our purpose is to champion a community of artists and to serve as a bridge between these artists and the public. Our primary goal is to allow the artists to stick to their strength - creating great artwork. We approach all aspects as a team which offers the client a wide variety of creative solutions to fulfill their unique needs. We also coordinate the many aspects involved in completing large-scale projects.  Learn more...

It is traditional at this time of the year to take an inventory of what is right in our lives—what we have to be thankful for. For those of us who share our lives with pets, these beings with lives more fragile than our own, we have special blessings in which we partake each and every day.  Our relationships with pets have changed over the past few decades. Pets have made a grand migration from the backyard to the bedroom.

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Be Thankful for Animal Friendship

By Dr. Robin Downing


Visit the Columbine Gallery

Our purpose is to champion a community of artists and to serve as a bridge between these artists and the public. Our primary goal is to allow the artists to stick to their strength - creating great artwork. We approach all aspects as a team which offers the client a wide variety of creative solutions to fulfill their unique needs. We also coordinate the many aspects involved in completing large-scale projects.  Learn more...



Remove any brown spots from your avocados, add to mixer.


Blend avocado and all other ingredients until combined, about 60 seconds on medium to high power (depending on your blender).


Refrigerate 3 hours.


Divide into containers for serving, garnish as desired (berries, chocolate chips, coconut shavings and chopped nuts are all great options).


A couple of notes


This recipe is best the day it is prepared. Due to the natural oxidation of avocados, the taste will change as it sits in your refrigerator.


This recipe was adapted from "Dark Chocolate Pudding" on Two Peas and Their Pod







Rodelle Healthy Chocolate Pudding

This healthy chocolate pudding is quick and easy to make with an active time of 5 minutes and a chill time of 3 hours. Our taste-testers never guessed the secret ingredient: avocado. Avocado and chocolate powder combine in this rich-tasting pudding to give you an indulgent flavor, but is light on the carbs and sweetener. Best served the day it is made, this is a great treat for those with a sweet tooth and chocolate-lovers alike.


1 cup unsweetened almond milk (vanilla or chocolate flavored work fine)

2 ripe avocados, or about 1.5 cups of avocado

1/4 cup + 2 tbsp maple syrup

1/3 cup + 1 tbsp Rodelle Gourmet Dutch-Processed Cocoa Powder

2 teaspoons Rodelle Vanilla Extract

Pinch of sea salt

Optional:  1/4 tsp Rodelle Almond Extract  |  2 tsp espresso powder

Click here for a printable PDF of the whole recipe!

It is the intent of the FoCo Café is to build a healthy community. They have built their concept on the following values:


• Every human innately has dignity and should be treated as such.


• Every duty, volunteer or otherwise, has value.


• Participating in a community nourishes the soul.


• Everyone deserves to eat nutritional food.


• All people need a hand up at some point(s) in their lives.


The Café’s mission is to build community by providing nutritious and delicious meals to the people of Fort Collins regardless of their ability to pay while using mostly local ingredients. Patrons who cannot afford their meal are asked for a trade of services and time to assist with the Café in any way they can. Those who can give more are encouraged to pay it forward.


The FoCo Café strives to use mostly local, organic and sustainably grown ingredients. This is challenging with the ever-changing daily menu that tries to satisfy various dietary restrictions. “Creating fresh, small-batch meals each day with a changing menu takes a lot of time,” says Executive Director Kathleen Baumgardner. “Our volunteers make it fun and our model allows us to try recipes that use the produce that is in season. Right now, we are cooking up beautiful meals with turnips, beets and parsnips!”


But the FoCo Café is not just the product of the Baumgardners’ efforts. The entire community has donated time and talent over several years to make this happen. Every summer the Café has a Bike-In Music Festival, which is their largest annual fundraiser. Held on a local farm, the music festival brings in a nice variety of local musical acts to a casual outdoor setting. Live dessert auctions, t-shirt sales and dancing are all part of the day’s festivities. The 2015 Bike-in Music Festival will be held on July 19 at The Shire CSA Farm.


The inside of the Café is an excellent setting for a lunch business meeting, family day or a solo meal; they also make the space available for late afternoon meetings with advanced notification. Currently, the historic building turned non-profit restaurant at 225 Maple contains an old-fashioned open freight elevator. Café partners would love to use the elevator in a creative way. Any ideas? FoCo Café can be found on Facebook, Twitter and they even have their own YouTube channel. Comments, suggestions and picture sharing are more than welcome.


How is the model fairing in their first months? “We've only been operating for two months, but so far, we're doing well financially. Any extra money we might see will be used for needed equipment and invested in high quality local ingredients. In the future, we will be looking to add educational programming as well,” says Baumgardner. She has a wish list for the Café. “We would love to add a walk-in freezer by the next harvest so we can store more local produce for use next winter.”


“Seeing the Café become a reality has been very exciting,” says Baumgardner. “The Café was built through the hard work and generosity of our community. That is empowering and fulfilling.”


FoCo Café’s website,, is easy to navigate for a current menu, donation button and volunteering opportunities. Signing up for their E-newsletter is the most convenient way to get the latest dish on Café happenings. After all, the best way to enjoy your community is to give back. The FoCo Café does just that and provides an opportunity for others to do so as well.


The Baumgardners would like to see the Café continue to build community and draw people in from all walks of life. “We want it to be a space where all members of our community feel comfortable and feel part of something bigger than themselves.”



Malini Bartels is a freelance writer, chef, mother, radio host and actress living the good life in Fort Collins. She is also a board member of the FoCo Cafe.

Klezmer Band from Chicago to perform

in Fort Collins on March 28


Congregation Har Shalom, in collaboration with Associated Students of Colorado State University, Hillel, and Temple Or Hadash, is excited to announce that Tum Balalaika -- a nationally-known Klezmer band from Chicago -- will perform a lively concert of “Yiddish Soul Music” on Saturday, March 28 at 7:00 in the Lory Student Center Theatre on the CSU Campus.

Tum Balalaika is a unique 8-piece ensemble which was has been together for over twenty years.  Their music has been called “…a joyous celebration, rich in ethnic tradition”.  This will be the band’s first appearance in Colorado

Advance tickets ($3-$15) are available online for purchase NOW – and until March 19 – at  There are no reserved seats. (Free admission for CSU students, faculty, and staff.  These tickets are available at the door with ID).

211 W. Myrtle St., Suite 200

Fort Collins, CO 80521


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